2010 Feedback and Comments

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This past week-end proved to be more than I could have ever imagine. To walk the streets that my daddy walked is one thing, but to fellowship with my family, as the mastercard commercial puts it "PRICELESS" If it never happens again I can truely say that it was a blast. To all of you on this e-mail thanks for the love and please know this I do love all of you and to those that are not listed here if you see them or have there e-mail address please forward this for me. Until we do it again,
 Amos Barnes

I too, enjoyed the Reunion, fellowship and an opportunity to learn more about the man I married and who he is.  Each time I attend a Reunion I learn why my daughter posses certain attributes.  I shared the experience with her already, she was excited when I informed her about relatives she does not know and updated her about the ones that she does.  I love you all.
God Bless.
"each day is a new opportunity to be your best"
Barbara Barnes

I had a really nice time at the family reunion.

Hope Evans