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2013 Reunion - Houston, Texas

HOUSTON Connection - with Class

Special Thank You for Family Photographers Lonny & Alethea Greer

Emanuel Barnes

Dwight Manns& Brenda Beard & Pat Manns

Emanuel & Barbara Barnes

Waneta Northern & Grandchidren

Kennedy & Addison grandchildren of Henry & Mary Barnes

Barnes great grandson of Jesse & Mae Clare Barnes

Lesa Dae

Bobbie Beard &

Dorothy Ann Bowles, Dorothy Barnes, Alethea Barnes

Earl Beard

Daniel Manns

Ophelia's Grand-daughter

Alethea Grand-daughter & Ophelia's Grand-daughter

Charolette Mann

Alex & Brenda Beard

Waneta Northern & Grandchildren

Keisha Barnes, Morgan Barnes,Taylor Barnes & ?

Pat Manns & Daniel Manns & Darlene Carpenter

Dorothy Bowles, Amos Barnes, Dorothy Barnes

Mrs. Daniel Manns

Emanuel Barnes & Darlene Carpenter

Annie Martha Beard & Brennan Manns

Daniel Manns, Lesea Dae, Betram Bell, Billy Beard

Barnes grand-daughter of Mae Clare & Jesse Barnes

Lesea Barnes

Carla Barnes & Pat Manns

Joe Gause, Lollie Mann, ?, Daniel Manns

JC Barnes, Carla Barnes, Ophelia Bell, Dorothy Barnes

Lollie Mann & Billy Beard

? & Joe Gause

Pat Manns & Lollie Manns

Mae Clare Barnes