Memories are Forever

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Aunt Bernadine & Uncle George Barnes

Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Amos Barnes

Aunt  Ruth &  Uncle Henry Barnes & Grandchildren

Uncle James Parker & Cousin James Roy Taylor

Uncle Joseph Barnes

Michael Barnes Jr & Joseph Barnes

Michael Barnes was the first reunion DJ

Christmas Party at Uncle George's & Aunt Bernadine's

Uncle Henry & Uncle Amos Barnes & Cousin Alonzo Bonds

Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Amos Barnes

Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Amos Barnes

Lana & Anna Lou Taylor ( Parker )

The youngest Barnes Brother

Uncle Amos Barnes

Aunt Gracie Barnes

Aunt Ruth & Uncle Henry  Barnes & grandchildren. 

UNCLE HENRY was known as the "Weatherman"

Forever in our Hearts

Aunt Rosa Lee Outlaw


SUNRISE February 4, 1888 - SUNSET September 12, 1963

Daughter of

Leesville Nelson-1857-death is unknown

Lou (Tyus) Nelson 1865-1949